Suntech partner, GDI GISDATA, presented the latest version of Network Inventory at Esri Partners Conference. The conference took place on 23-25 March 2013 in Palm Springs, USA.

Esri Partner Conference is an annual meeting of the partners of Esri Inc., a global leader in Geographical Information Systems (40% of the market). The conference presents the latest products and the development plans of Esri.

Suntech has added new solution for network performance monitoring to its portfolio. SunVizion Network Performance Monitoring system is specifically designed for real-time monitoring of the huge and complex multitechnology telecommunications networks.

The rapid development in telecommunications technologies brings new challenges to network performance monitoring. In order to keep high QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) a telecom operator has to react quickly to any performance degradation in the network.

The SunVizion Network Performance Monitoring enables to keep the right track of operations because of its advanced correlation algorithms of call and IP traffic. Designed to operate on Big Data volumes collected from various generations and technologies (UMTS, EVDO, IP/MPLS, WiMAX, LTE, etc.) it precisely delivers analytics of end-to-end connections.

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We invite you to watch our new humorous movie that shows more interesting site of inventory of telecommunications network.

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We invite you to watch our new tongue in cheek movie which shows more interesting site of inventory of telecommunications network.

Suntech is going to participate in European Esri User Conference which will take place on 15-17 October in Oslo, Norway. We invite the participants of the conference to see our presentation How Network Inventory GIS-based system facilitates network management of one of the top Polish telecom operator.

We also encourage visitors of SCTE Cable-Tec Expo (17-19 October, Orlando, USA) to visit  the stand of our partner, Advance Fiber Optics. The visitors of the stand will be able to see new version of Network Inventory 12.3.

In October this year the new version of Network Inventory will be launched. The main advantage of the 12.3 version of Network Inventory is a new set of functional solutions to support inventory of FTTH networks. New features of the system will facilitate and speed up the process of the inventory of FTTH networks.

Suntech has enlarged its portfolio with a globally unique SunVizion Network Rollout Management. The system is specifically designed to support a telecommunication network rollout processes. The solution speeds up network rollout reducing its CAPEX and improving key business processes related to telecom network built-out and maintenance.

Rollout of telecommunications network is an extremely complex and costly process. The operator has to construct or modernize plenty of network elements in a short time. Limited human resources have to lead and manage hundreds and sometimes thousands of complex business processes simultaneously, each of these processes may consist of couple of hundreds of tasks involving several departments and operator's organizational entities (radio planning, financial department, maintenance department).