SunVizion Network Performance Monitoring solution is specifically designed to detect telecommunication network performance degradation and ensure service assurance. The system improves operational efficiency and significantly reduces total cost of ownership.

What is network performance monitoring?

The solution monitors the correct functioning of the network by analyzing KPI parameters defined by the user. The detailed performance information gathered by the system provides increased visibility into the network performance and allows to improve the quality of service. Because the solution provides the real-time access to data staff can quickly respond to any deviation from the standard behavior of the network. SunVizion Network Performance Monitoring also helps to solve network failures more effectively and helps to do better network-capacity planning.



Real-time monitoring


  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Alerts of performance degradation in real-time
  • Flexibility and high scalability
  • Ready for integration with other web-services
  • Compatible with wide ranges of services, technologies and protocols (UMTS, EVDO, IP/MPLS, LTE, WiMAX)


mobile network performance monitoring




web and performance monitoring

Easy and flexible reporting


  • Easy examination of KPI reports
  • Flexible and smooth editing of KPI reports by designing tool
  • Support for most typical reports describing network behavior
  • Possibility to customize specific KPI reports



network performance monitorMulti-level


  • Multi-level analysis
  • Ladder diagrams for better presentation
  • KPI designer independent of network technology and XDR's types
  • User defining alert triggering conditions
  • Mechanisms to track the status of the processes assigned to the user tasks lists.






Network intelligence

Network intelligence for Network Operation Centers (NOC), capacity planners, and executives

Improved efficiency

Improved operational efficiency

Quick identification

Quick identification of network problem

Cost reduction

Total cost of ownership reduction

High granularity of information

High granularity of performance information related to all aspects of the network

Better service quality

Better service quality and customer experience