Thank you for meeting with us at BOSS Forum: Digital, CEM, IoT, SDN/NFV (Moscow, November 22-23). We really appreciate your interest in our company and SunVizion products. If you have further inquiries or you want more information about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting us at Cable-Tec Expo 2016 which was held in Philadelphia on September 26-29. Thank you for having interest in our products, your time and nice, inspiring conversations. We hope to see you there next year!

The newest version of SunVizion Network Inventory has been improved with unique functionalities to support telecom network planning process.  The most optimal route of the planned cable is indicated by set of sophisticated algorithms taking into account things like topography, existing infrastructure, possibilities of use and lease costs of other operators infrastructure, costs of equipment and costs of transmission easement. 

We thank you for visiting our booth while attending the CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore 31 May-3 June. We hope you enjoyed your visit.
The exhibition was a great success for Suntech. We presented the latest version of our SunVizion Network Inventory solution, which generated a great interest.
Thank you and see you next year.

Working with SunVizion Network Inventory system has achieved a new quality. The solution has been integrated with ArcGIS Runtime, a new Esri component for interaction with digital maps. The most noticeable changes are better ergonomics, much faster operations performance and much better responsiveness of the user interface.


Built-in internal cache memory, which eliminates the need to wait for access to the database and reduces the overall load on the server, significantly improves GUI efficiency in operations on the map. 

SunVizion has been selected by Lublin province to provide inventory system for broadband network. The solution will significantly facilitate the management of broadband infrastructure allowing instant access to detailed information about the entire network. Province of Lublin is another one which will implement Suntech inventory solution. It is worth highlighting that broadband network in Lublin province will be managed with the usage of two solutions provided by Suntech: inventory system and CRM solution implemented this summer.

The newest version of SunVizion Network Inventory is available for purchase. The system has been improved with a whole range of new functionalities, mainly in the areas of resource and service inventory. The most important upgrade is a significant improvement of mechanisms for retrieving data from Network Management Systems.

Suntech concluded a contract with Alcatel Lucent, the general contractor and supplier of equipment for the Broadband Network in the Swietokrzyskie Province, for CRM system delivery. The solution shall support the activities of the network operator within the scope of services provided to operators using the network and their settlement. It will allow a full range of services to be provided to the network users, starting from sales of the service through everyday customer service, settlement of services, to reports records and debt collection actions.