Suntech S.A. has announced today a commercial launch of the SunVizion Network Information Management System (NIM). This innovative telecom IT solution that helps network operators to rationalize their OSS infrastructure, optimize business processes, speed up network rollouts and in consequence decrease their CAPEX and OPEX. SunVision NIM provides a common, standard-based information framework to the OSS applications and Business Process Management systems. The concept of NIM were developed and commercialized by Suntech in a close cooperation with several leading Mobile, Triple Play and Internet Services Providers.


To decrease the CAPEX and OPEX operators need a unified and comprehensive view of their networks and a quick access to all key network information. ?Today, telecom network data is highly fragmented and scattered over numerous systems, databases and files. It is often stored in inconsistent, vendor-specific formats.? says Andrzej Saczuk, VP Product Management at Suntech. ?By working with several leading mobile, broadband and cable operators we realized that the lack of network data harmonization and unification has negative impact on the efficiency of their investments and operations.? concludes Saczuk.


NOM, an alternative telecom service provider in Poland, has awarded a contract to Suntech SA for delivering an Automatic Service Provisioning System for its wireless broadband network based on 4G WiMAX technologies. Suntech's innovative solutions radically reduces the time and cost of WiMAX service activation for enterprise and individual customers. This is the first such a system deployed by a Polish operator and one of the first such systems in the Europe. The system will be soon available through a global network of Suntech's partners.

WiMAX, besides LTE (Long Term Evolution) is one of the fastest growing 4G radio access standards. Broadband Internet and other telecom and multimedia services based on the WiMAX technology are already offered by 600 operators in 149 countries. WiMAX services are available globally in 620 million points-of-presence (PoP) including 82 million such points in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Several Polish broadband operators such as Netia, Inea, and NOM have already invested in this technology.

NewConnect-listed Suntech has published its 1Q results, which represent the first effect of its sales maximisation policy. Following the last-year changes in its cost structure, the company is about to implement specific sales and product solutions.


Warsaw, May 20, 2010

The reported three months brought about a significant turnover improvement. The company achieved the sales of over PLN2.2 million versus PLN1.15 million in the first quarter of 2009. The net profit responded to the changes even more strongly and improved the last-year loss of nearly PLN1 million to a profit amounting to over PLN300,000. Similarly, the EBITA reached the level of PLN380,000.


Suntech, a public company, has entered into a contract for the funding of research & implementation activities for a business process management platform, with special emphasis on modern multimedia services.

Warsaw, 7 May 2010

The company signed a contract for the financing of work to be carried out under Development and implementation of business process management platform for the provision of multimedia services, WORKDONE. The contract was concluded with the National Centre for Research and Development. The support received amounts to PLN2,346,220 and the entire project is worth PLN3,695,700.