The newest version of SunVizion Network Inventory is now available for purchase. Version 13.1 has been improved with a whole range of new functionalities associated with logic resource inventory, management of services and IT support. It is highly innovative that now you can install the system with Esri maps off.

We invite you to meet Suntech at CommunicAsia 2015 which will be held in Singapore on June 2-5. We will present our solutions at our partner's booth, Net Research (booth 1A5-02). We hope to see you there!

This year's FTTH Conference is already over. Our solutions were the focus of conference presentations and workshops. Karol Kowalik, who represented our client, INEA, made a presentation on practical aspects related to FTTH network development and management. The presentation raised the issues, such as management of failures and services in the SunVizion Network Inventory system, which is used by INEA.

Suntech took part in the workshop 'FTTH in Poland - How It Really Works', where participants talked about the process of planning, design, development and management of the FTTH network. Piotr Saczuk, representing Suntech, demonstrated the way an inventory system supports network expansion and management of an already built network.

We thank all those who visited us at the stand of Esri, our partner, which sponsored the conference. Thanks to our presence at the conference we could establish many interesting business contacts and build friendly relationships.

Suntech signed an agreement to provide network inventory system for the telecommunications network of PSE SA, one of the largest energy companies in CEE countries. The SunVizion Network Inventory system will be a part of the Integrated Telecommunications Network Management system of the PSE SA Capital Group.

A new version of SunVizion Network Inventory is being prepared. The version 13.1 will be enhanced with a series of new features for logical inventory, services inventory and handling of failures. A significant innovation will be the possibility to install the system with the Esri map function switched off.

The Multiplay Group, provider of multimedia services in Śląskie and Opolskie provinces, will implement Suntech?s network inventory system. The solution will support Multiplay?s key business processes such as services management, failure handling, network expansion and its maintenance.

The Municipal Office in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, has completed implementation of the physical resources inventory system for the Broad-Band Network Management Centre. Thanks to the SunVizion Network Inventory system supplied by Suntech, the whole network belonging to the town has been represented in the IT environment, which shall significantly improve management of the network infrastructure, reduce its maintenance costs, and facilitate business processes.

ASTA-NET, a cable TV and broad-band internet supplier from Pila, Poland, has chosen to use the network inventory system in the computing cloud model provided by Suntech. Thanks to the new service, the operator will be able to manage its network more efficiently, in a uniform IT environment, and without the need to purchase and maintain the whole system.