A new version of SunVizion Network Inventory is being prepared. The version 13.1 will be enhanced with a series of new features for logical inventory, services inventory and handling of failures. A significant innovation will be the possibility to install the system with the Esri map function switched off.

The Multiplay Group, provider of multimedia services in Śląskie and Opolskie provinces, will implement Suntech?s network inventory system. The solution will support Multiplay?s key business processes such as services management, failure handling, network expansion and its maintenance.

The Municipal Office in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, has completed implementation of the physical resources inventory system for the Broad-Band Network Management Centre. Thanks to the SunVizion Network Inventory system supplied by Suntech, the whole network belonging to the town has been represented in the IT environment, which shall significantly improve management of the network infrastructure, reduce its maintenance costs, and facilitate business processes.

ASTA-NET, a cable TV and broad-band internet supplier from Pila, Poland, has chosen to use the network inventory system in the computing cloud model provided by Suntech. Thanks to the new service, the operator will be able to manage its network more efficiently, in a uniform IT environment, and without the need to purchase and maintain the whole system.

Version 13 of SunVizion Network Inventory is an absolutely massive upgrade that will surely spark a lot of interest even from the most demanding telecom. The solution has been developed by a number of new functionalities designated for network inventory of public networks, shared by many operators. This new feature of the system makes it one of the world's most advanced.

We are pleased to announce that  SunVizion Network Inventory is already available in cloud. From now,  even a small network operator will be able to manage their telecommunications network in a modern way.

Using the network inventory solutions generates multiple benefits for the operator. Collection of all the network information in a single system streamlines processes associated with starting services, failure management, network expansion, and preparation of reports for the regulator. The well-documented network also increases the market value of its operator. At the same time the network inventory software implementation represents investments in software, hardware and appropriate staff. Not every operator can afford such expenses.

In the last quarter of this year we had the opportunity to participate in two important international events and three national conferences.
We presented the latest version of SunVizion Network Inventory on the following conferences: 7th Kuwait GIS User Group Conference, which was held in Kuwait (December 7-9) and Esri Europe, Middle East, and Africa User Conference (October 23-24 ) in Munich. We attended both events with our GDiVision partner.

Suntech successfully implemented SunVizion Network Performance Monitoring system at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), a leading telecommunication provider in Pakistan. PTCL is the backbone of Pakistan's telecommunication infrastructure. The company has 50 million customers.