In August Suntech has entered into an agreement with NOM to implement modern IT solution for billing and customer care. Under the agreement Suntech will implement the integrated system of Billing, CRM and workflow. Additionally Suntech will extend the licences for WiMAX system that is already implemented in NOM.

We present you our new movie about the logical network Inventory of telecommunications network. In the video we show how our product, Network Inventory, deals with selected issues related to logical connections of telecommunications network. To see this film go to out YouTube channel or click below:

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We present to you the second issue of SunVizion newsletter. Among others we write about our new company web page, our presentation on on Esri Rail Summit in Paris, partnership with LMKT. We encourage you to order a free subscription by clicking the Newsletter button in the footer.

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We are proud to present to you our renovated company website: Our goal was to provide more details about our business, competence and experience in an easy-to-find and user-friendly form. The result is a new site that is clearly arranged and - we believe - much cooler than the old one! In addition to a look, the structure and content have also been improved. Now you can see our offer divided into 3 sectors: telecommunication, banking and transportation. You can follow our news by a quick access into news section on the main page. Sending contact requests is very easy now - with our new Contact form you just need to fill in some fields to get our feedback and quote. Let us know what you think about Suntech new website, we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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SunVizion Telco Network Inventory system has been enhanced with new functionality: the ability to generate floor plans with IPhone. Suntech has started a partnership with Canadian company Sensopia, the developer of MagicPlan, one of the most popular application of AppStore (2 mil downloads, "App of the week" in 92 countries). Thanks to this partnership SunVizion Telco Network Inventory users can quickly generate floor plans using just IPhone. The whole operation takes a few minutes and requires neither measuring nor technical knowledge.
MagicPlan measures room with telco devices and draws its floor plan just by taking pictures. You can then get your floor plan in PDF, JPG and DXF format to feed it into SunVizion Telco Network Inventory system. MagicPlan runs on the iPhone 4, 4S, the new iPad, the iPad2 and the iPod Touch 4th generation.

More information: MagicPlan in Network Inventory.

SunVizion participated Esri Partner Conference, which took place on 24-27 March in Palm Springs, USA. This year for the first time we had our own booth at the exhibition. We presented our wide portfolio of OSS/BSS solutions for the telecommunication sector. More than 1000 people have participated in the conference this year. We were positively surprised by number of people who visited our booth. Our solution for telecommunication network inventory, SunVizion Network Inventory, attracted particular interest among our guests. Visitors could see the movie presentation about SunVizion Network Inventory, they could also test the product on-line.

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth. We enjoyed meeting you and were glad that you had the chance to see our products on display. Nothing was better than getting face-to face with you.

We are pleased to announce that our innovative project: "Development of software for shared telecommunication infrastructure inventory" received funding from the EU for the fulfilment of the Programme Innovative Economy, Priority: Research and development of modern technologies. The purpose of SunVizion new project is to develop innovative software for management of open, broadband telecommunications networks, which are operated by more than one entity.

Due to business and regulatory trends in Poland and Europe (public telecommunications service, financing public infrastructure) new business model for the networks is created. This model involves the sharing and joint ownership by many organizations.

"Currently available solutions do not support the needs of the new trend in the telecommunications market. They are adapted to the traditional model with one entity investing, managing and operating the telecommunication network." said Piotr Saczuk, President Suntech S.A. "Our new software will be designed exclusively to support the new model of telecommunication infrastructure."

A new model of the network creates number of technological challenges for the inventory system. Network inventory systems have very high complexity on general. This complexity is related to many factors such as massive volumes of data and sensitive security issues. The new network model where few entities are engaged enhances this complexity and requires a completely new approach in rights management access, data migration, scalability, and service modeling.

We present to you the first issue of SunVizion newsletter. It will be published on a quarterly basis and it will provide you with information about our new products, report of the events in which we take part, and latest news of the telecommunications sector. We hope that this channel will be an effective tool of communication with a growing number of Suntech customers and partners. We strongly encourage you to order a free subscription by clicking the Newsletter button in the footer.
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