Version 13 of SunVizion Network Inventory is an absolutely massive upgrade that will surely spark a lot of interest even from the most demanding telecom. The solution has been developed by a number of new functionalities designated for network inventory of public networks, shared by many operators. This new feature of the system makes it one of the world's most advanced.

The system was upgraded with a detailed model of access rights management to operate a network shared by multiple organizations and to ensure full data privacy and security. For networks shared by multiple operators support for service-related processes is of critical importance, because the operators provide different types of services (such as voice, IP, VoIP, or cable TV) while often using the same resources. SunVizion Network Inventory Ver 13 will support such services enabling efficient verification of service availability, booking, implementation and configuration of the services, maintenance of a network failure. The system will also enable network utilization analysis and bottleneck detection. By monitoring queries on service capability for specific paths the solution also enables the prediction of future needs.