The SunVizion Service Fulfillment solution streamlines the process of offering communications services to subscribers, shortens time-to-market, and enhances customer satisfaction. Its catalogue-driven approach improves operational efficiency and empowers the entire product lifecycle, from planning to service activation.

Telecom Service Fulfillment

The architecture of SunVizion Service Fulfillment includes modules that are pre-integrated internally and prepared for external integration through a built-in service-oriented architecture. These modules are: Service Inventory, Service Catalogue, Workflow-driven Service Order and Provisioning Orchestration, Resource Management, and Workforce and Material Management.


Telecom service decomposition; Service Fulfillment

Catalog Driven Approach:

  • Agile execution of fulfillment processes
  • Swift launch of new products and services
  • Capability for automatic process reconfiguration during execution
  • No need of regression testing after introducing a new service

workflow support fulfilment telecom


  • Seamless data flow among various actors in the fulfillment process
  • Task progression is visibly displayed through an intuitive web portal
  • Enhanced business agility for both internal and external workforce resources
  • Modifications and development without the necessity for coding



telecom resources inventory: Service FulfilmentService and Resource Inventory:

  • Comprehensive visibility into all parameters of the service, covering clients and hardware aspects
  • Documentation of the services utilized by a customer
  • Allocation of the network elements necessary for the service
  • Clear insight into current network assets






telecom service orders view


  • Complete automation of service activation and modification
  • Simplified device installation
  • Automated service locking
  • Increased flexibility in introducing new device types