SunVizion Service Order Management fully automates the service activation process for both enterprises and individual clients. The solution allows users to create a service order with just a single click. By decreasing the service delivery time to a few minutes, the solution significantly increases customer satisfaction and boosts the competitiveness of the service provider.



Step One

Service Order Generation


  • The user indicates the desired service, delivery time, and location
    SunVizion accommodates various methods of order generation:
    • Through external CRM systems (via API)
    • Via customer service offices
    • Directly by the client through a dedicated portal.
  • The system validates the order using business rules to ensure the data entered is complete, accurate, and consistent
  • The order is initiated


Service Order Management - Activation




Service Order Management - DesignStep Two

Service Design


  • SunVizion initiates an automatic feasibility check:
    • The system assesses the possibility of connecting the client to the network or connecting two locations with each other
    • Beyond checking for the necessary physical resources in the network, SunVizion also verifies the network capacity required to deliver a service
  • The system checks the availability of network resources needed to provide the service, utilizing the Resource Inventory
  • SunVizion reserves the necessary resources to ensure service provisioning
  • Instances of both customer-facing services and resource-facing services are created using the Service Inventory & Service Catalog


 Service Order Management



Order Management TelecomStep Three

Field Service Activation & Provisioning


  • SunVizion configures the service order by creating the service instance and automatically assigning the necessary network resources for service delivery
  • The orchestration process begins managing all tasks related to service activation:
    • Individual work orders for service activation can be dispatched to field teams through the SunVizion Workforce module
    • Alternatively, they can be sent automatically to external provisioning systems.



Step Four

Service is Activated!


Service Order Management Telecom



The entire process takes just a few minutes and is done automatically.