SunVizion Network Rollout Management is specially designed to support network roll-out processes. The system speeds up network rollout, reduces its CAPEX and improves key business processes related to network built-out and maintenance.

Telecom Network rollout process

The solution is perfectly suited for carrying large amount of non-process data related to network rollout process, for example, information acquired during site survey. It seamlessly share this data between different processes and provide access to non-process data after the process termination.
This prevent huge inefficiencies resulting, for example, in repeated data entry, data inaccuracy, inconsistency and under-utilization.


Telecom Network rollout managementRollout project parameters dashboard view


  • Monitoring of status progress and key parameters of the investment
  • Cross-sectional data in the form of specifications and reports






mobile network rollout processWorkflow Process Designer


  • Business processes defined in a clear flow diagrams with no need of programming
  • Automation of all manual activities spent for documents, faxes, paper files transferring
  • Possibility of testing different variants of processes before their implementation




telecom network rolloutTask management


  • Multi-team environment, cooperation between planners and maintenance staff
  • All work tasks assigned to relevant resources, prioritized and subsequently passed to resource that should finish the task or process it






Delays reduction

Reduces delays of the investments processes and costs related to them

Reduces time and cost

Significantly reduces time and cost of devices modifications, optimizations and adjustments

Significantly reduces workload

Significantly reduces workload of network configuration departments

Eliminates negative effects

Eliminates negative effects of introduction of error changes or introduction of modifications which are mutually exclusive

Advanced reconfiguration planning

Provides advanced reconfiguration planning capabilities


Provides monitoring of status progress and key parameters of the investment

Specifications and reports

Provides cross-sectional data in the form specifications and reports.