SunVizion Network Configuration Manager is a solution designed to manage the configuration
of mobile network elements in a planned manner.


It significantly reduces the time and cost of frequent network modifications and adjustments caused by changing traffic conditions or the introduction of new services and network technologies. It significantly reduces the workload for Network Departments.


Network Configuration Management - Mobile and Telecom




  • Ability to design multiply alternative network configuration plans
  • Support for choosing of the optimal network configuration plan
  • Resource dimensioning and alternative routing, e.g. in case of mass events or other critical conditions
  • Auditing of the actual network configuration versus implemented plans (available on-demand or periodically)
  • Automatic report generation for implemented or planned network reconfiguration plans
  • Configurable and extendable interface with the NMS solutions for importing and exporting network configuration data
  • A repository for historical information on implemented network configuration plans, enabling rollback actions