SunVizion Network Inventory Management System is multi-module and multi-technology comprehensive solution for inventory of logical and physical network elements and support of network planning process. The solution works with any network technology and with all types of the network. In-built workflow engine supports the processes related to network management and sales of the services. Intelligent discovery and reconciliation mechanisms improve the accuracy of network data. The solution is available on three platforms: desktop, web and mobile.


As integrated, powerful, enterprise-wide platform SunVizion enables operators successful OSS transformation.


By intelligent management of data about the network and services SunVizion Network Inventory provides substantial efficiency gains for telco business processes such as:



Network design and expansion

Service sale

Service sale, delivery and provisioning

Fault management

Fault management


Network maintenance

Inside Plant Inventory

SunVizion Inside Plant Inventory is an advanced application designed to document and control telecommunications network devices and components. It offers hierarchical decomposition and visualization of network elements and their parameters, e.g. amplifier in cabinet, splice in a manhole, room in a building, etc.


Inside plant software

SunVizion Inside Plant Inventory comes with a libraries of most commonly used devices for different types of networks and underlying network
technologies including fiber-optic, coax, copper, radio lines, SDH, PDH, IP, WDM, GSM, UMTS, CDMA, HSPA, LTE, WiMAX, and others.



telecom inside plant inventory

  • Location of service termination points within a building structure (apartments and rooms)
  • Positioning and connecting network elements (symbols) located inside the building
  • Possibility of simple replication of network segments among buildings (stairways, floors, apartments, and rooms, cellars).





inside plant software

Shelf View


  • Presentation of object location in network infrastructure (e.g. amplifier in cabinet, splice in a manhole, room in a building)
  • Advanced visualization providing single view of both logical and physical network aspects







inside plant inventory


Equipment View


  • Device view presenting sub-elements and structure (e.g. router, card, downstream, ports)
  • Libraries of pre-modelled network elements for different types of network technologies
  • Presentation of auxiliary documents associated with an object (possible integration with external repository)







Sunvizion: inside plant inventory

Floor plan view


  • Presentation of network elements on floor plan views
  • Hierarchical decomposition and visualization of building and network elements and their attributes, e.g. stairways within a building, apartments and floors within stairways, splitter location a building, amplifier in a cabinet, etc.








Direct access

Direct access to all information about telecom resources located in buildings

Optimization of cable run

Faster deployment of new services

Quick verification

Quick verification of service availability at specific address point

Failure analysis

Automatic failure impact analysis


Through integration with Workflow, SunVizion Network Inventory can support and automate business processes using data about network resources. These are, for example processes related to network maintenance, network planning and development, reservation and service activation, resources availability verification. 


Workflow Process Designer


  • Graphical interface for defining tasks and relationships, also defining flow between tasks
  • Easy management of processes related to network infrastructure and sales of the services (such as the device installation process, repair process, network expansion process, service  activation process etc.)

 Processs management web interface


  • Assigning user's task to selected employees or roles to departments or other organizational units
  • Detection of errors and inconsistencies in the stage of design process, before turning on the process into operation










Rollout project dashboard view


  • Monitoring of network design status progress and key parameters of the investment
  • Prevents inefficiencies resulting from repeated data entry, data inaccuracy, inconsistency and under-utilization









Decreasing time

Decreasing the time for the order-to-bill cycle


Integration of all relevant operations in one complete enterprise system


Reduction of  investments processes delays and costs related to them

Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration of different actors and departments

Reduction of time and cost

Reduction of time and cost of devices modifications, optimizations and adjustments

Network Planning & Design

SunVizion Network Planning & Design was created to support Cable Operators and Triple Play Service Providers in their network expansion plans.
It significantly reduces the time and cost of the design, analysis and implementation of new networks.
SunVizion Network Planning & Design is a natural extension of the SunVizion Network Inventory solution and it’s fully integrated with it. The data is
automatically imported from one system to another so the planning is always based on up to date information about current state of existing network.


Designing - analyzing changes



  • Unique algorithms taking into account things like topography, existing infrastructure, possibilities of use and costs of lease of other operators infrastructure, costs of equipment and costs of transmission easement
  • Automatic exchange of data with network inventory system
  • Libraries of pre-modelled network elements and devices.
  • Detection of power supplies conflicts, and calculation of power consumed by each element.
  • Automatic generation of a bill of material report for newly designed networks.
  • Presentation of auxiliary documents associated with an object







Reduction of time and cost

Significant reduction of time and cost of telecom network planning

Optimization of cable run

The best possible optimization of cable run

Detection of possible conflicts

Early detection of possible conflicts between mutually exclusive plans


Planning based on always up to date information about current status of existing network

Service Inventory

Service Inventory is used to collect, process, and share information about services provided by the operator in order to support service sale and maintenance processes. The solution enables service modeling in compliance with TM Forum recommendations so that the telecommunications operator can record all aspects and parameters of its services (both in terms of clients and hardware). Service Inventory provides a web service interface allowing for integration with other systems, in particular with CRM, Resource Inventory and Workflow.


Physical Resources


  • Verifies whether given service can be provided at a specified location or between specified locations
  • Registers services sold to a customer, and locks network resources used for the service
  • Provides technical parameters needed to activate given service in a service activation process.



Services associated with selected network elements


  • Shows services related to selected network element
  • Each set of services can be easily found by using the selected text phrase, name of the customer, service status



Service mapping on logical and physical resources


  • Each service can me mapped on logical and physical resources
  • Recording and reporting of indicators showing the quality of services
  • The history of the services' availability in time







Quick check whether a service is possible at a given point

Fast deployment

Fast deployment of new services

Lowering costs

Lowering the costs of service maintenance


Centralization of information about services

Physical Inventory

SunVizion Physical Network Inventory is used to collect, process, and provide information about physical network resources. By integrating inside and outside plant data the system stores information about infrastructure (such as buildings, rooms, room equipment, cable routes, duct segments, cable chambers, manholes, cabinets, utility poles, cables, etc.) and its physical usage (card distribution within shelves, cables occupying ducts, physical ports on devices used by attached cables).


Data availability


  • Direct access to all information about network resources and their physical attributes
  • Presentation and localization of network resources on digital maps with scale dependent visibility
  • Powerful GIS environment from Esri
  • Smart mobile application for field workers




Objects control


  • Cross sectional approach
  • Advanced compatibility control features to match device types  and technologies and available bandwidth
  • Presentation of auxiliary documents associated with an object (possible integration with external repository)




Network failure analysis


  • Shows failure consequences and analyze their impact on the network and services provided to users
  • Manages of the process of planned disconnections and analyze their results
  • Controls of SLA arangements
  • Reports data on current failures and historical failure percentage ratio for network elements
  • Supports all kind of telecommunication network and all network technologies
  • Supports logical resource inventory, recording the resource’s functionality, bandwidth, and relationships with other physical and logical resources




Advanced map interface


  • Possible visualization on Google Maps and Google Earth – interesting option for users who do not require the advanced map interface
  • Resources shown on the Google Earth map can be retrieved through an external service that provides data in KML format or can be exported to the map.







GIS provided by Esri

GIS provided by Esri, the most powerful GIS environment

Lower costs

Lower costs of network management

Efficient network planning

More efficient network planning

Swift analysis of failure consequences

Swift analysis of failure consequences and disconnections impact

Logical Inventory

SunVizion Logical Network inventory allows for managing information about connections and relationships between different connection types. Logical network inventory records the resource's functionality, bandwidth, and relationships with other physical and logical resources. The solution also allows to document the bandwidth allocation in a telecommunications network and track relations between the logical and physical elements.



telecom logical inventory: sdh, pdh

  • Cross-cutting approach thanks to integration with NMS systems
  • Access to network topology information
  • Data related to network utilization
  • Features for searching and reserving network connections




One system - different technologies


All network technologies support:

  • D WDM, SDH/PDH, Ethernet, IP/MPLS backbone, ATM.


sdh, pdf, dwdm, wdm logical inventory




SDH telecom logical inventorySDH Schema


  • Loading of selected parts of any topology (ring, mash)
  • Tracking of the trail in individual spans
  • Bandwidth preview
  • Location of occupied VC-12/3/4 containers in selected SDH connections
  • Container number and name of the path inside each container






Unified access

Unified access to comprehensive data about the network

Better use of network

Better use of network resources

Swift analysis

Swift analysis of failure results

Sale support

Services sale support

Failure management

Failure management support

Data on logical resources

Data on logical resources available for other OSS