SunVizon Billing & CRM (Business Support System) is a suite of pre-integrated applications enabling core business and operations processes in any type of service focused company.

Telecom CRM & Billing

Thanks to the elastic, extendable data model, comprehensive set of functionalities and modules, sophisticated business rules and ease of integration with external systems, SunVizion Billing&CRM is a perfect solution for lean service provider – facilitating rapid product deployment and efficient business operations.


Thanks to its flexibility SunVizion CRM & Billing solutions can be tailored to the customer specific needs. The scalable modular design allows the customer to implement any additional module - e.g. service provisioning, debt collection - and integrate them easily with their existing system.




  • WEB application to support sales and post sales services
  • Customer segmentation support and customer segment based product offerings
  • No limitations on the number of defined services          
  • Advanced Discount mechanisms


crm 2Payment Management - Financial Account DetailsSmart handling of payments

  • Complete and easy to access information on customers' financial account status
  • Up-to-date information on customers' liabilities for their issued invoices
  • Easy access to information on payments effected and other accounting operations
  • Up-to-the-minute values of customers' settlement balances with full history of balances



processProcess Editor

  • Workflow support of business processes
  • No restrictions on the number of processes and the number of tasks in a single process
  • Simulation of the designed processes
  • Freely extensible data model for each task