SunVizon Billing & CRM (Business Support System) is a suite of pre-integrated applications enabling core business and operations processes in any type of service focused company.

Telecom Billing & CRM

Thanks to the elastic, extendable data model, comprehensive set of functionalities and modules, sophisticated business rules and ease of integration with external systems, SunVizion Billing&CRM is a perfect solution for lean service provider – facilitating rapid product deployment and efficient business operations.


Etom billing crm systemsSupport for key business processes:

  • Product Configuration, Capacity, Performance, Offer and Delivery Management
  • Customer Information, Order, Support, Billing, Charging, Invoicing, Payments and Receivables Management
  • Service Configuration, Activation, Mediation and Problem Management
  • Resource Provisioning, Data Collection, Mediation, Trouble and Workforce Management



telecom billing & crm systemEasy product and business development:

  • Extendable data model: product, resource, service, customer
  • Open standards document templates (agreements, invoices, notes, etc.)
  • Comprehensive suite of rating mechanisms
  • Workflow based automation for order and problem management
  • Workforce management
  • 360 customer view




telecom workflow processEfficient operations:

  • Flexible, quick implementation
  • Easy integration, low code custom development and maintenance
  • Comprehensive support for developing and running Business Processes: Editor, Rules Engine,  Process Simulation
  • Enhanced monitoring, reporting and analysis tools










End-to-end support for service provider business


Low-code custom development

Quick implementation

Quick implementation and easy integration


Scalability and HA configuration