SunVizon Billing & CRM (Business Support System) is an pre-integrated suite of applications that empowers core business and operational processes in any service-centric company.

Telecom CRM & Billing

With its adaptable and expandable data model, a comprehensive range of functionalities and modules, advanced business rules, and effortless integration capabilities with external systems, SunVizion Billing&CRM stands as an ideal solution for streamlined service providers. It fosters swift product deployment and efficient business operations.


Thanks to its flexibility, the SunVizion CRM & Billing solutions can be customized to meet specific customer needs. Its scalable modular design enables customers to add any additional module, such as service provisioning or debt collection, and seamlessly integrate them with their existing system.




  • Web application designed for sales and post-sales service support
  • Supports customer segmentation and segment-based product offerings
  • Unlimited service definitions     
  • Advanced discount mechanisms


telecom bssPayment Management: Financial Account Details

  • Smart management of payments
  • Comprehensive and readily accessible data on customers' financial account statuses
  • Up-to-date information on customers' outstanding amounts for issued invoices
  • Quick access to records on completed payments and other accounting operations
  • Real-time updates on customers' settlement balances, including a complete balance history



telecom crmProcess Editor

  • Workflow support for business processes
  • No restrictions on the number of processes and tasks within each process
  • Capability for simulating designed processes
  • Freely extensible data model for each task