Launching a new service by a telecom operator requires changes in the entire existing Workflow process related to sale of services. Time-to-market gets shorter, and the complexity of services grows. Workflow process describing all possible paths and variants of activating various service combinations becomes very difficult to develop and maintain. Each modification is extremely complicated and risky.


Smart Service Designer is an innovative, catalogue driven approach solution where each service has independent and simple principles of automatic configuration. The system uses an advanced logic able to interpret the customer's order incoming from CRM, decompose it into individual services, and then dynamically create an execution plan, which is a graph of tasks necessary for the implementation of a given order, instead of static drawing the entire process with all possible paths and variants.


Traditional Model of Service Creation


Diagram for Traditional Model of Service Creation


Service Creation in SunVizion Smart Service Designer


Diagram for Service Creation in SunVizion Smart Service Designer


System features:


  • Fast decomposition of customers order into individual services and dynamic     and automatic creation of the execution plan        
    • elimination of the problem of the growing size and complexity of workflow process
  • Possible automatic reconfiguration of the plan of execution during its operation
    • the functionality irreplaceable in a situation where the customer changes the order during its creation
  • Simple integration with provisioning services provided by various vendors and in various technologies
    • access to services in networks of different suppliers and management of diverse systems and service subscriber terminals.
  •  An innovative mechanism enabling quick system tests in the field of integration with providers of provisioning services
    • no need for complex and long-term tests when introducing a new service