Suntech has enlarged its portfolio with a globally unique SunVizion Network Rollout Management. The system is specifically designed to support a telecommunication network rollout processes. The solution speeds up network rollout reducing its CAPEX and improving key business processes related to telecom network built-out and maintenance.

Rollout of telecommunications network is an extremely complex and costly process. The operator has to construct or modernize plenty of network elements in a short time. Limited human resources have to lead and manage hundreds and sometimes thousands of complex business processes simultaneously, each of these processes may consist of couple of hundreds of tasks involving several departments and operator's organizational entities (radio planning, financial department, maintenance department).

Suntech's solution organizes and automates all processes associated with network rollout significantly reducing the time and cost of the entire project. The system can detect and eliminate possible abnormalities and frauds, by for example pointing out significant differences between costs of realization of the same tasks in different departments/regions. Data gathered during particular processes is automatically passed on and introduced to the relevant IT system which in turn prevents the need to re-enter it by other employees and significantly improves the communication between process participants.

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