Suntech, a public company, has entered into a contract for the funding of research & implementation activities for a business process management platform, with special emphasis on modern multimedia services.

Warsaw, 7 May 2010

The company signed a contract for the financing of work to be carried out under Development and implementation of business process management platform for the provision of multimedia services, WORKDONE. The contract was concluded with the National Centre for Research and Development. The support received amounts to PLN2,346,220 and the entire project is worth PLN3,695,700.

It is planned that the project, which was launched on 1 January 2010, will be completed in the middle of the next year. Part of the research work was subcontracted to the Warsaw University of Technology, which has co-operated cyclically with Suntech for twelve years. This will mostly involve analytical and research efforts aiming to develop a theoretical part of the platform.

When completed, the project will produce an integrated system for business process management at enterprises. It will use Workflow mechanisms to combine a CRM family solution with the Real-Time Billing system, which supports settlement of services in real time.

The system will be used by companies that provide modern multimedia services, such as mobile loyalty programmes. Its business advantages will include: fast implementation of each new service, reduced costs of such implementation, and full control of operational costs. In terms of its value, the mobile added services market in Poland rose by 24.1% in 2009, to over PLN1 billion. According to PMR, the mobile payment, mobile television and mobile marketing sectors are reporting the highest growths.

Suntech S.A. is an innovative company, which represents the IT sector at the NewConnect market. The company specialises in the development and implementation of comprehensive IT systems for companies operating in the telecommunication and banking sectors. Suntech has been co-operating with the Warsaw University of Technology ever since it was established in 1995.

Products offered by Suntech enhance business activities of telecommunication operators. They can be classified into three main BSS/OSS categories: Billing/CRM/Workflow; Network Inventory and Network Configuration Management.

Systems made by Suntech are used by leading companies of the Polish telecommunication market (e.g. Orange, Plus GSM) and the largest Triple-Play cable network operators (such as Aster or Vectra). Additionally, the company has completed projects for Telekomunikacja Polska, Netia, Sferia, Telekomunikacja Kolejowa and NASK. Suntech also operates its own Home Banking system, which was implemented in eighty banks across Poland.