Warsaw Chopin Airport has launched a new system for network inventory provided by Suntech. The solution will streamline the management of the airport's ICT infrastructure, enabling faster access to data on network infrastructure, precise location of its elements and their parameters, as well as the relationships between the selected infrastructure components.

Intelligent data management provided by SunVizion Network Inventory system will streamline key processes related to network, such as fastening resolution of network failures and shortening the time of connecting new customers.

“The vast majority of our customers are typical telecom operators. But our systems are starting to show up in institutions whose core business activities are not related to telecommunications, for example in energy providers, water and sewage, transportation sector. Thanks to our cooperation with Warsaw Chopin Airport we’ve gained the invaluable insight into the specific needs of managing the telecommunications network at the airport. We are already using this knowledge to carry out implementations at other European airports", says Piotr Saczuk, President of Suntech.

For large airports, it is very important to have an excellent insight into the network located in buildings. Detailed data on cables and devices locations shortens the time of launching new services, connecting new subscribers (such as stores or service points), and switching existing subscribers when changing their location.

“The well-description and cataloguing of data related to telecommunications infrastructure is important for ensuring the ICT continuity including continuity of specialized airport systems. This results in much faster response times for network incidents and extensive failures in telecom infrastructure, etc. It is also extremely important to quickly and accurately identify collisions with various media and buildings during the planning phase of investment at the airport", says Cezary Pytlos , acting spokesman of Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Chopin Airport is one of the largest airports in Central and Eastern Europe. The telecommunication network of the airport is 300 km long and includes cable ducts, fiber optic and copper cables, distribution frames (copper and optic), distribution points and active devices.