SunVizion Service Fulfillment has been launched. The new solution is specifically designed to support and streamline the process of making services available to subscribers. Catalogue driven approach and in-built workflow engine significantly reduce time-to-market and empower the whole service lifecycle from planning to activation.


Telecom Service Fullfillment

SunVizion Service Fulfilment architecture includes internally pre-integrated and ready for external integration through built-in service-oriented architecture following modules:

  • Service Inventory,
  • Service Catalogue,
  • Workflow driven Service Order and Provisioning Orchestration,
  • Resource Management,
  • Workforce and Material Management.

By designing new services from ready components stored in the service catalogue SunVizion enables rapidly introducing new products and services. In case customer changes his order, the solution can automatically reconfigure the service creation process during its execution. Network inventory module provides perfect visibility and control over network assets, which reveals the real value of existing network and optimise network planning. Workflow engine is responsible for the flow of data between various actors of the fulfilment process:  employees executing tasks, external contractors and external systems integrated with SunVizion Service Fulfilment. The flow can be visible and displayed via any-device web portal.

“SunVizion Service Fulfillment is our response to expectations of our customers worldwide. Service fulfilment process is becoming more and more complicated and, on the other hand, time to market is a crucial competition factor. We offer the solution that simplifies the process of launching new services and significantly reduce its time.” – says Magdalena Jablonska, Marketing Director at Suntech.


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