Suntech together with Dimension Data has finished the implementation of SunVizion Network Inventory solution for the Municipal Water and Sewage Company S.A. in Cracow. SunVizion system will provide better insight into network owned by MPWiK.

The solution will shorten the time of network failure removal and streamline important processes related to the provision of telecommunications services.

Cracow’s Water and Sewage Company

Crakow's MPWiK is one of the largest water and sewage companies in Poland. The plant has nearly 2,000 km of sewage network and over 2,000 km of water supply network. The extensive MPWiK sewage network is an excellent medium for fiber optic cables. The underground location protects the cables from the whims of the weather, and the ubiquitous channels allow easy access with fiber optic signal to almost each corner of Krakow.


Fiber optics running in the Krakow sewage system are the property of MPWiK, or belong to other operators who lease space for their network from MPWIK. The system provided by Suntech will manage the information on the entire optical fiber network located in the Krakow channels (all devices and cables) and the infrastructure in which it is located (pipes, manholes).


SunVizion's network inventory solution for Water and Sewage company in Cracow


In case of network failure, SunVizion system informs about the exact location of the failure and which network elements have been affected by the failure. The solution shows the consequences of the failure and which services are unavailable. This information significantly accelerates and facilitates the process of removing failures, as well as improves communication with clients.


SunVizion system supports the management of the services provided on fiber optic cables. The solution verifies whether it is possible to provide the service in a given location and suggests what changes should be done to the existing network to provide service requested by a customer. Thanks to integration with SunVizion Workflow engine, the system can also manage the entire process of connecting a service to the client or connecting client to the network.


For the efficient management of the FTTH network, it is extremely important to exchange information about the network with other IT systems in the company. For example, integration of SunVizion with a warehouse system ensures control of the whole life cycle of each network device. Such knowledge improves network maintenance process and minimizes losses caused by ineffective use of existing devices and cables.


The optical fiber network belonging to MPWiK is mainly used for communication between the Company's headquarters and technological facilities, such as sewage treatment plants or water supply tanks. The total length of fiber optic network belonging to MPWiK is over 40km. Using optical fibers, data from measurement devices located in the sewerage network are also sent.


The solution was implemented together with Dimension Data Poland and in cooperation with Technitel Polska SA, which carried out physical network inventory and performed data migration to the system.