The new SunVizion Network Inventory mobile app is now available for sale. The application has been extended with a number of functionalities supporting field workers during service activation, data migration, failure resolution and network maintenance. SunVizion mobile helps to maintain the most up-to-date picture of the network in the system, prevents the risk of incorrect data entry, and shortens the time of network failure resolution and service activation.

Easy Search and Modification for Network Elements

SunVizion Mobile user can easily search for any network element or network connection and edit its parameters. The application allows for browsing resources on a map as well as on the hierarchy tree. Each network element can be easily created, or its status can be changed according to the actual network status. A new resources on the map is created based on resource templates downloaded from central repository of SunVizion Network Inventory. An object can be placed on the map using GPS to get coordinates or by entering the coordinates manually or by simply touching the map in the specific place.

Data Inconsistency Detection

With SunVizion mobile application it is easy to verify the compatibility of data stored in SunVizion Network Inventory Database with the real status of the network. The user can verify geographic location of network elements (by comparing data with current GPS coordinates) or he can check the status and parameters of network elements (slots occupation, cards distribution in a rack, fiber occupancy etc.). In case of detection of any inconsistency, the collision of data is registered and reconciled according to the real network status.

Failure Resolution Support

In case of a failure application can quickly locate the failure based on the chosen fiber termination and distance to failure reported by OTDR. Thus field staff members get precise information about the location of the failure, which significantly reduces the time of its removal. A failure parameters can be viewed and edited in application by using the forms. If a new failure is discovered by a worker he can register it by using GPS coordinates.

Workflow and Workforce

Thanks to integration with the workflow engine an employee can view in his smartphone the list of active tasks assigned to him or to his team. An employee can accept a task and start its execution. Task parameters can be displayed and modified by using forms which are dynamically downloaded from server. The list of tasks can be changed or modified during working in a field with no need of visiting the headquarters by an employee.

The application is also integrated with SunVizion Workforce system enabling the supervisors to put the right skilled people in right places. The supervising person can see what’s going on in the field, who is doing what and where. The system can identify the major resource shortages, surpluses or system bottlenecks.

Online and offline mode

The application can work in offline mode, which is especially useful in places where the network signal is weak or disturbed. After connecting to the network, any changes made in offline mode are loaded into a transient state were they are validated and if necessary supplemented with additional information. After that new data is loaded into the system.