We are proud to announce the release of new version of SunVizion, which allows inventory of the existing network and multi-variant network planning in one system. Planners can develop different options of network expansion, also mutually exclusive, and other system users can work on the main inventory database when running network maintenance processes.

The system has a unique mechanism that allows for working on different planning variants created by many different planners and merging these projects with each other. The mechanism will radically improve the entire process of new network segments planning, eliminating problems caused by creation of multiple plans on shared resources.


Vicious Circle of Planning on Outdated Data

The new version of SunVizion is a response to the typical problems faced by operators when planning new network segments. Network planning and network inventory processes are usually implemented from two separate IT systems. These systems operate independently or, in the best-case scenario, they are integrated. Communication between two independent environments is ineffective. Planners are not able to supply their plans (working areas) with the most up-to-date network data, which makes planning ineffective right from the start. Next, the changes made to the network as a result of the plan implementation are not quickly transferred to the inventory system. In consequence, the network data stored in inventory system for some time differs from the real network status. This creates a vicious circle frustrating both planners and employees of the network maintenance department.


No Preview of Other Working Areas Created at the Same Time

The process is further complicated if planning takes place in many different work areas at the same time. Planners do not see changes made by other planners, nor do they see what actually happened in the network from the moment they started planning. The planner therefore often works on a network image that is not consistent with the current state of the network. Worse, the plan he creates, is completely independent of the plans created by his colleagues. As a result, different plans may contain elements that mutually exclude each other, or elements that repeat (eg., planning two base stations on two adjacent areas where one would be enough).


Always Up-to-Date Network Data for Planners

New version of SunVizion eliminates both of these problems. The system has been extended with the mechanisms of object and graphics (GIS) databases versioning along with the mechanisms enabling synchronisation of changes from the main version to planned versions (merging) and vice versa from the planned version to the main version (applying planned changes to the actual network image).

When starting a plan, the planner receives up-to-date network image from the inventory database. When creating a plan, the planner can update his work space with the changes that have occurred in the network during the plan creation. The entire update process takes a moment and can be done any number of times. The planner therefore always has an access to the most up-to-date data on network resources.


Merge Many Workspaces and Errors Detection

At each stage of creating a network plan at SunVizion, the planner can preview the plans which are being created by his colleagues. Thus, work spaces can be quickly revised to be consistent with each other. Naturally, not all errors can be detected with the "naked eye". In case of complicated work spaces covering connected network segments, it is not possible to detect all possible optimisations.

In such case, planners can merge their work spaces with each other. Merging can be applied to any number of work spaces, which is of great importance when many different network segments are created. If merged plans contain mutually exclusive elements, SunVizion reports it and suggests what changes should be made so that the plans are consistent and the future network is optimised.


Instant transfer of data about newly created network to SunVizion Inventory

When the plan is finally approved and the network is developed, the changes are immediately incorporated into the SunVizion Inventory system. The whole process takes place in one environment, which eliminates errors in the data and drastically shortens the time of the entire operation. The employees of network maintenance department can see the new network status few minutes after completing network extension plan.


New version of SunVizion - competitive advantages: