The latest version of SunVizion is yet another step up on what Suntech does best: service fulfilment and network planning



Sunvizion 17.0 - System usage preview


Sunvizion version 17.0

With SunVizion 17.0, the extent of logical resource automation takes a leap forward. More complex service-fulfilment scenarios, involving Ethernet, WDM and SDH, are now part of the SunVizion armoury.


More sophisticated network planning tools are also available, including advanced algorithms for planning 5G backhaul. There’s new guidance too on how telcos can realize optimal infrastructure usage, including duct trench capacity. As with all network planning projects, SunVizion provides comprehensive BOM documentation, including labour costs.



Greater visibility


The latest version of SunVizion, as with previous iterations, is designed with the end-user firmly in mind.

Sunvizion 17.0


Comprehensive 3D views, for example, are available for the first time. Not only of city landscapes, including buildings and ground elevation, but infrastructure elements, such as underground pipelines and manholes. They all get the 3D-rendering treatment.


Improved visibility of network inventory is not just for operations staff. Field workers, using SunVizion 17.0 capabilities, can access spatial views of data on their smartphone camera and discover the location of hidden network elements. With the help of augmented reality, field workers can receive an information lowdown on any network element they select.



Web-based portal improvements

SunVizion 17.0 upgrade

Another SunVizion 17.0 upgrade sees full functionality of Logistic Inventory and Numbering Inventory subsystems available on our revamped web-based portal. Moreover, some important SunVizion functionality related to map editing and manipulation of objects, previously only available on the desktop, can also be accessed via the portal.