The OSS/BSS market looks set to grow at a healthy clip over the next few years, not least because telcos are spending much more. And SunVizion, in recent reports from both Allied Market Research and Report Ocean, is identified as a key and influential OSS/BSS player.

According to Allied Market Research, OSS/BSS had a respectable market size of $36.85 billion in 2019. Fast forward to 2027, however, and that value is expected to top $102 billion. Allied Market Research calculates a brisk 13.7% CAGR over its 2020 –27 forecast period.


The OSS/BSS drivers are perhaps not too surprising. The market research firm found that increased home working and more videoconferencing – along with the growing popularity of distance learning – has made the need for a reliable broadband connection all the more pressing. The knock-on effect is that telcos are paying more attention to OSS/BSS and software tools to meet the demands of consumers and enterprises.


One part of the market that showed highest growth in 2019, according to Allied Market Research, is ‘OSS/BSS solution’.  This segment provides telcos with vital data, including network performance information and network availability. Without visibility of this sort, telcos can hardly expect to proactively manage their networks and deliver a positive user‑experience.

Allied Market Research expects the solutions space to maintain its OSS/BSS dominance during the next few years.


Moreover, in its wide-reaching market report covering trends in both on-prem and cloud OSS/BSS, Allied Market Research puts SunVizion among an elite group of OSS/BSS players.


It’s not the only market research firm to do so. Report Ocean, in its extensive “OSS & BSS Market Growth 2021-2030, Covid 19 Outbreak Impact” study does exactly the same.