We are thrilled to share the exciting news that we have successfully completed the Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for the SunVizion system, solidifying our partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services). This significant milestone is a remarkable advancement in our commitment to delivering a robust and efficient cloud-based solution.

Throughout the meticulous evaluation process, we aligned SunVizion with the principles of a well-designed AWS architecture, leveraging various AWS cloud services to ensure high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), scalability, security, automation, and other vital aspects. This comprehensive implementation guarantees optimal operation of SunVizion within the AWS environment, surpassing industry standards and exceeding expectations.


Our dedicated team diligently worked to seamlessly align every critical element of the SunVizion system with the recommended AWS best practices. Through meticulous planning, implementation, and rigorous testing, we have successfully optimized the system's performance and reliability, harnessing the power and flexibility of AWS cloud services.


This achievement not only demonstrates our unwavering commitment to delivering a cutting-edge solution that exceeds industry standards and meets the evolving needs of our clients but also brings several benefits to our organization. As a result of the approved FTR, we gain access to funding opportunities, validation through the AWS Competency Program, and participation in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program for co-selling. In addition, our software gains visibility through a listing in the AWS Partner Solution Finder, enabling customers to easily discover and connect with us.


With the endorsement of the Foundational Technical Review and the accompanying benefits, we have full confidence in the reliability and performance of the SunVizion system on the AWS platform. This accomplishment strengthens our position and propels us towards even greater success in delivering exceptional cloud-based solutions.