We're thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated SunVizion version 19.0 has been released! This version comes packed with innovative functionalities that will empower operators to optimize their networks, enhance operations, and reinforce their market stance.

TM Forum API Certification

In this latest release, one of the spotlights shines on our TM Forum API certification, underscoring SunVizion's dedication to global benchmarks. We've expanded SunVizion's capabilities by integrating five more APIs, manifesting our adherence to the TM Forum's Open Digital Architecture framework. These vital standards, which span Service Qualification Management, Service Catalog Management, Service Inventory Management, Service Ordering Management, and Geographic Address Management interfaces, pave the way for seamlessly blending SunVizion modules into heterogeneous IT landscapes, notably those populated by multiple vendors. Aligning with the Open Digital Architecture, where Suntech proudly stands as a compliant vendor, SunVizion emerges as a leading-edge solution, particularly tailored for operators overseeing expansive IT infrastructures.


Enhanced Logical Network Planning

SunVizion 19.0 introduces advanced features related to planning for logical resources to ensure optimal network operations, resource utilization, and top-tier service delivery for end-users. Whether preparing for new service deployments or reconfiguring existing networks SunVizion aids network engineers and planners in mapping out how various network elements interact, ensuring that logical resources are utilized optimally, configurations are harmonized, and services are efficiently delivered. Integrated with intuitive visualization tools, the system offers a holistic view of logical pathways and connections, ensuring seamless communication, reduced bottlenecks, and enhanced overall network performance.


5G Network Planning with New Algorithms

The rise of 5G networks necessitates a significant evolution in the planning and deployment of fiber infrastructure. The intricacies of 5G's high-frequency bandwidth, low latency requirements, and dense deployment settings demand a more sophisticated and efficient approach to network planning. To address these unique requirements, we’ve introduced new algorithms into our SunVizion Network planning software. This strategic addition positions operators to take full advantage of the emerging 5G revolution.


Enhancements to WDM Inventory and Automated Service Diagrams

SunVizion 19.0 introduces a refined approach to network monitoring  by accurately reflecting Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) links and inter-nodal connections, ensuring top-notch network resource optimization. Additionally, the automation of detailed service diagrams, combined with enriched documentation and efficient troubleshooting, enhances the service delivery process, offering significant cost benefits for large-scale operators.


Empowering Operators for Seamless FTTH Transition

SunVizion version 19.0 is strategically designed to cater to the unique needs of operators in the midst of a transition from HFC networks to FTTH. This advanced version simplifies the complex process of HFC and FTTH network element design, eliminating the need for manual calculations. Furthermore, it empowers operators with in-flight signal assessments, guaranteeing an optimal network design that meets and exceeds performance standards. As a result, SunVizion version 19.0 stands as an indispensable tool for operators seeking to enhance their network planning processes and execute a seamless transition to FTTH.


Advanced Spatial Data and GIS Integration

SunVizion 19.0 offers enhanced spatial data management, centralizing address point management across formats. This simplifies address management by allowing easy imports from various sources and consolidating data into a uniform format. Additionally, it ensures address accuracy, oversees gap rectification, and ensures proper resource allocation.


Due to its integration with ArcGIS Runtime, the SunVizion mobile platform is now equipped to serve telecommunications customers who rely on the world's leading GIS platform. This integration grants field workers access to a plethora of ArcGIS features and it will expedite the integration of data from the field into the primary SunVizion system, which operates on the ArcGIS engine.