We're excited to announce that SunVizion 20.0 will launch this summer. This new version improves logical network planning with new modules to optimize resource adjustment and synchronization. It also includes further TM Forum API certifications to enhance system integration and data management, and introduces integration with Esri Utility Network for seamless data synchronization. Additionally, we've expanded service management capabilities for better control over access and security, crucial for managing complex multi-entity networks. These enhancements, along with many other functionalities, are coming soon—read more about them to discover how they can benefit your operations.

Logical Network Planning

SunVizion 20.0 extends the proven functionalities of physical network planning to logical network resources, enhancing real-time data synchronization. This strategic enhancement supports collaborative efforts in logical network planning, enabling planners to view and revise each other’s work areas in real-time. This capability helps avoid operational inconsistencies and cost inefficiencies. The ability to merge multiple logical planning workspaces, with automated conflict detection and resolution, addresses network scalability and complexity challenges, especially in dynamic markets. Updates in logical network plans are instantly reflected in the SunVizion Logical Inventory system, reducing errors, and shortening operational timelines.


TM Forum APIs Certification

The updates include additional certifications for TM Forum APIs to enhance system integration and interoperability. The Resource Catalog Management (TMF634) API efficiently categorizes and accesses network resource information, while the Geographic Site Management (TMF674) API improves geographic location management and visualization, enhancing strategic planning across physical sites.


Integration with Esri Utility Network

Another important feature of SunVizion 20.0 is the bidirectional data synchronization with the Esri Utility Network. This new capability ensures that users who value the robust functionality of the Esri Utility Network can continue to leverage its strengths while also benefiting from the advanced telecommunications-focused enhancements that SunVizion offers. As an Esri partner, Suntech collaborates closely to seamlessly integrate these two systems, enabling users to manage their network resources more effectively without compromising the functionality of either platform, thereby bringing together the best of both worlds. By maintaining compatibility with the Esri Utility Network, SunVizion 20.0 caters to a broader audience, including those deeply integrated into the Esri ecosystem, ensuring that all users have access to top-tier network management tools.


Services Visibility

The solution introduces improved controls for service visibility and access rights management in telecommunications environments involving multiple entities. These enhancements provide superior control over data security and operational efficiency, enabling streamlined and secure service delivery.




Enhanced User Experience

SunVizion Version 20.0 features significant improvements in UX design, ensuring our platform is more inclusive and user-friendly. These enhancements include better contrast ratios, more intuitive navigation, and adaptable interfaces to cater to various user needs, complying with important regulations and increasing efficiency and user satisfaction.