Through integration with Workflow, SunVizion Network Inventory can support and automate business processes using data about network resources. These are, for example processes related to network maintenance, network planning and development, reservation and service activation, resources availability verification. 


Workflow Process Designer


  • Graphical interface for defining tasks and relationships, also defining flow between tasks
  • Easy management of processes related to network infrastructure and sales of the services (such as the device installation process, repair process, network expansion process, service  activation process etc.)

 Processs management web interface


  • Assigning user's task to selected employees or roles to departments or other organizational units
  • Detection of errors and inconsistencies in the stage of design process, before turning on the process into operation










Rollout project dashboard view


  • Monitoring of network design status progress and key parameters of the investment
  • Prevents inefficiencies resulting from repeated data entry, data inaccuracy, inconsistency and under-utilization









Decreasing time

Decreasing the time for the order-to-bill cycle


Integration of all relevant operations in one complete enterprise system


Reduction of  investments processes delays and costs related to them

Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration of different actors and departments

Reduction of time and cost

Reduction of time and cost of devices modifications, optimizations and adjustments