What is Service Inventory?

Service Inventory is used to collect, process, and share information about services offered by the operator to facilitate service sales and maintenance processes. The solution allows for service modeling in alignment with TM Forum recommendations, enabling telecommunications operators to comprehensively document all aspects and parameters of their services, both from a client and hardware perspective. Service Inventory provides a web service interface for smooth integration with other systems, including CRM, Resource Inventory, and Workflow.


Telecom Service InventoryPhysical Resources


  • Verifies whether a given service can be provided at specified locations or between specified locations
  • Registers services sold to a customer and reserves network resources used for the service
  • Supplies the technical parameters required to activate a given service in a service activation process.



Service InventoryServices Associated with Selected Network Elements


  • Display services related to the selected network element
  • Each set of services can be easily located using the selected text phrase, customer name, or service status



Service Inventory in TelecomService Mapping on Logical and Physical Resources


  • Each service can me mapped onto logical and physical resources
  • Recording and reporting of indicators demonstrating the quality of services
  • Tracking the historical availability of services over time