SunVizion Physical Network Inventory is used to collect, process, and provide information about physical network resources. By integrating inside and outside plant data the system stores information about infrastructure (such as buildings, rooms, room equipment, cable routes, duct segments, cable chambers, manholes, cabinets, utility poles, cables, etc.) and its physical usage (card distribution within shelves, cables occupying ducts, physical ports on devices used by attached cables).


Physical Network Inventory - Data availability


  • Direct access to all information about network resources and their physical attributes
  • Presentation and localization of network resources on digital maps with scale dependent visibility
  • Powerful GIS environment from Esri
  • Smart mobile application for field workers

Physical Inventory




Objects control


  • Cross sectional approach
  • Advanced compatibility control features to match device types  and technologies and available bandwidth
  • Presentation of auxiliary documents associated with an object (possible integration with external repository)

Physical Network Inventory




SunVizion Physical InventoryNetwork failure analysis


  • Shows failure consequences and analyze their impact on the network and services provided to users
  • Manages of the process of planned disconnections and analyze their results
  • Controls of SLA arangements
  • Reports data on current failures and historical failure percentage ratio for network elements
  • Supports all kind of telecommunication network and all network technologies
  • Supports logical resource inventory, recording the resource’s functionality, bandwidth, and relationships with other physical and logical resources




SunVizion Physical Network InventoryAdvanced map interface


  • Possible visualization on Google Maps and Google Earth – interesting option for users who do not require the advanced map interface
  • Resources shown on the Google Earth map can be retrieved through an external service that provides data in KML format or can be exported to the map.