SunVizion Logical Network Inventory enables the management of information related to connections and relationships among various connection types. The Logical Network Inventory records resource functionality, bandwidth, and relationships with other physical and logical resources. The solution also facilitates the documentation of bandwidth allocation in a telecommunications network and the tracking of relationships between logical and physical elements.



 Logical Network Inventory


Telecom Logical Network Inventory

  • Cross-cutting approach enabled through integration with NMS systems
  • Access to network topology information
  • Access to data related to network utilization
  • Search and reservation features for network connections




One System - Multiply Technologies


Support for all network technologies, including

  • D WDM
  • Ethernet
  • IP/MPLS backbone
  • ATM.


Logical Network Inventory




Logical Inventory TelecomSDH Schema


  • Loading of selected parts of any topology (ring, mesh)
  • Tracking of the trail in individual spans
  • Bandwidth preview
  • Identification of occupied VC-12/3/4 containers in selected SDH connections
  • Display of container numbers and path names within each container