SunVizion allows for expanding information model with definitions of new technologies, new types of devices and their parameters.

SunVizion can automatically feed the Network Information Management system repository with information collected from external data sources. They may include: databases, files of different formats (e.g. text files, xls, XML, and binary files) as well as vector maps or files prepared in CAD environments (e.g. AutoCAD, Microstation, MapInfo) and external GIS systems. The latter is a particularly important functionality in the process of data migration from other systems or from graphical data owned by the operator.


SunVizion provides:


  • data interface editor for defining external data formats
  • migration of data from databases, files and GIS systems
  • powerful modeling of new devices, components and attributes
  • specifying new device templates and template structures
  • defining attribute value dictionaries and naming conventions
  • device Symbol Editor for defining symbols on maps and schemas.