Unlock enterprise revenue

Digital telcos need the right OSS / BSS tools if they are to serve the enterprise market profitably. One thing sure to irritate enterprise customers is a finger‑drumming wait for service activation. When IT and network managers make an order to connect a branch office, say, their patience will quickly run out if weeks pass before the service is up and running. Hardly surprising. Enterprises never take too kindly to potential losses in revenue. But there’s another reason why patience soon wears thin. 

Digital telcos

Comprehensive and real-time network inventory is a must if SDN, NFV and 5G are to realize their full potential.

Network resource management and inventory systems tend not to grab the headlines as forward-thinking telcos plan their digital transformation strategies. Software‑defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are much more likely to be in the spotlight. SDN and NFV are all about launching new services quickly and optimizing network assets, which is exactly what the digital telco wants.